Furniture & Home Decor

Furniture now-a-days is all about being sleek, minimal and compact. Millions of designs and various ideas go into making a piece of furniture look less voluminous. The urban life has challenged our needs in a way to stuff our homes with as much possible with an attempt of it all being in-sync and stylish.

Now that has already been taken care of. But, in the bargain, we did loose the earthy, authentic and cultural touch that homes had in a time when the word decor wasn’t even coined.

At Atrangi, we aim to bring that back. And what better medium than language and architecture, to retain the essence of every culture. Thus, Atrangi presents to you, for the first time ever, Typographical Furniture. Where every piece that makes your house a home will talk for itself. Furniture that looks stylish. Furniture that has a story. And furniture that connects you to your roots.


All products that you see here are entirely customisable and resizable. From words and letters to dimensions and orientations, we can do everything and anything that stays in the boundaries of the language and design.

As an addition, we also design and manufacture furniture pieces blending with your choice and preference. From straight lines to quirkily styled pieces, Atrangi is now a one stop shop for all your furniture and decor needs.

Please avoid any kind of copying or re-making of these pieces. All products and designs are Registered legally secured under Copyright.

Do not use any images for advertising or publishing purposes without consent.