A brand identity is the face of a company. It is supposed to look presentable, have a personality that sets it apart and most importantly be original.

Right from selecting the perfect name for your business, to giving it a meaning, an appealing look, adding the right colours that talk about the flavour of your company to creating a 360 degree collateral for it, is what makes you unique amongst all others.

A Logo as most say it, is one of the most crucial aspects of the company.


The brief

To suggest names for an upcoming dental clinic. And, to design an identity for the same. It should be modern and in line with todays day and age as well as clean and self-explanatory.

The Thought

Out of many names, Toothville was selected. Tooth (for obvious reasons) Ville (a french word for town). The logo too was designed in tandem with the brief and name.            Cool colours were used as most people were observed to have been scared of visiting the dentist and cool colours, such as greens and blue tend to emote smoothing vibes.

toothville final-01.jpg




The Brief

Walnut is a three dimension company. Gifting, Digital and Events.

The task was to find an appropriate name for the company. And design an identity which reflects its principles.

Out of may names, the name Walnut was picked.


The first diagonal line depicts the client. The second, the people and the walnut speaks of the company. When these three meet, great things can happen.


The business cards had a rotational design treatment in the 2 diagonal lines of the W so as to communicate the changing nature of creativity.

Walnut-Business-cards-for-print.jpgPatani Group of Companies

Patani Brothers & Patani Toolings

Patani Brothers was founded by 2 brothers. A Mumbai based company trading in toolings for CNC machining centres.

The Brief

The idea was to redesign an identity in tandem with todays day and age. Two identites were to be designed. One for Patani Brothers and the other for Patani Toolings. The logos were expected to speak of the works of the company as well as be simple and minimal.

The Thought

The tool like elements were made a part of the letters (P)atani & (B)rothers. A monochrome palette was chosen due to the nature of the business which, any way was devoid of colour.

final logo-01.jpg

board 1-02.jpg


Business Cards

Final Business Card x 2-01Final Business Card x 2-02






Letter Heads

Letter head-04.jpg



The Brief

A sweet Malayali – Mumbai couple getting married in a traditional way with a pinch of modern spice. The invite should say the same.

The Thought

An illustration of the couple in their Malayali wedding attire. A bright color palette. And some mallu typo thrown in for the desi feels.

Shilpa Sarath Wedding Invite-01.jpg

Shilpa Sarath Wedding Invite-02.jpg

Shilpa Sarath Wedding Invite-03.jpg



Save the Date

The Brief 

The story of a boy and girl who met each other via an arranged setup after rejecting almost hundred proposals only to find true love. They said “it should just look nice”

The Thought

A crisp infographic of their story and struggle with a pink and blue dominant color palette.



Ridhima & Sriharsh

Cocktail Invite

Ridhima and shriharsh cocktail-01.jpg

Ridhima and shriharsh cocktail-03.jpg


Vidhi Aakash

Vidhi and Aakash, a sweet Mumbai couple wanted the grand wedding. We designed their Monogram following many other themed invites.

Their hashtag was #Vgotlostinthesky and thus the monogram to spoke the same.


Wedding Invite


Event Branding - Welcome board-01.jpg
Event Branding

Luggage Tags



36 Days of Type – 2017

In the 2017 series, the letters were designed in an exploratory manner. Each letter has some meaning or design value to it.





36 Days of Type – 2017

This theme was based on disorders. Throwing light on mental health and other types of behavioural disorders people deal with



An initiative to make learning fun. This was implemented on numbers.

The Monsters series was developed for little children ages 2 – 5. However, while designing its applications, under 13 category seemed to an apt age as well. Certain sets of products were designed for children, to tear the attention from gadgets in todays tech-savvy world.


Playing Card


mock up.jpg

playing cards spread.jpg



An illustrative narration of the mythological story Ramayan, designed as letters. The idea was to create awareness for younger children by engaging them in stories, without it being boring.

The style was inspired from an Indonesian puppetry artist, Wayang Kulit.




Food Diary.

For times when you’re aggressively thinking and suddenly get hungry. Just turn the page and pick out a quick and simple recipe. From breakfast to dessert, there’s all in it.

book cover.jpgFood Diary Print-11.jpg


diary 2.jpgdiary 3.jpg








How adventurous are you?

Would you travel with just an address and directions? No pictures no pre planning?

That’s the idea behind this travel diary. Explore 7 underrated, lesser known destinations in India, using just a map and document your journey.

mockup 1.jpgTravel Diary-02.jpg














Series of Goddesses. (WIP)





kali mata-01.jpg


durga maa-01.jpg


Brain Farts

These are just thoughts that are laid out visually. Some illustrations. Sometimes real. Sometimes surreal.