The Brief

To create awareness of the lack of protein in an average Indian meal. And to emphasise on Protinex as being the best option for dealing with the problem.

The Thought 

A meal mainly consists of Carbs, Fats, protein and fibre. A common steel tiffin too, has 4 sections in it. The idea was to create a tiffin box with an empty section as an exaggeration of the problem which is, the lack of protein in an average Indian meal.

The campaign was to be released in two parts: Teaser – to create intrigue. Launch to propose a definitive solution.





American Tourister

With American Tourister launching their new designs of backpacks and Duffel bags, an outdoor campaign was released.


The idea

You’re at office or busy working, a little bit of fun shouldn’t be so difficult. The American Tourister bags could unleash your fun side almost effortlessly making is impossible for you to say no. NO MORE NO. The 9 to 5ers were targeted in this series.

static - artwork-02

static - artwork-04.jpg


Duffel Bags

Duffle range 1x1.jpg

Duffle single 1x2.jpg

Duffle single 2x1.jpg



Luggage Tags 

luggage tags (orange, teal & purple)-01luggage tags (orange, teal & purple)-02

luggage tags (orange, teal & purple)-03luggage tags (orange, teal & purple)-04

luggage tags (orange, teal & purple)-05luggage tags (orange, teal & purple)-06


Handle Talker

Handle Talker (orange & purple)-01Handle Talker (orange & purple)-02






















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Social Media


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